NLO’s IP Masterclass Podcasts

Looking for engaging expert discussions on patents and trademarks? Check out our podcast channel designed for curious minds. For our Dutch-speaking listeners we present our ‘NLO IP Masterclass’, exploring all aspects of the surprising and interesting world of intellectual property. Coming soon, we’re also launching our ‘NLO Patent Case Law’ podcast, a new English language programme highlighting the most interesting European patent case law decisions. Find us on your favourite podcast platform or via:

NLO From Home

We took swift and decisive action early on in the COVID-19 crisis to ensure the safety of our staff. We quickly became fully operational from homes across Belgium and the Netherlands to provide our usual high standards of service to our clients. We’re really proud of how our people rose to the challenge from the start, and once again as we are returning to a ‘new normal’.

Delft Hyperloop team breaks speed record

In July, the Delft Hyperloop team smashed their 2019 SpaceX record with their Atlas04 pod reaching an incredible 360 km/h in under 300 metres at their test track in Hilversum. Now they’ve got their eyes firmly fixed on new horizons, hoping to break the 400 km/h mark in the race to revolutionise the future of high-speed travel. NLO is proud to be supporting the team on their journey with IP advice and a financial contribution as well as our enthusiastic applause at their progress.