Why you should file a Dutch patent application

A significant increase in numbers has occurred in Chinese participation in the European intellectual property market over the last couple of years. In 2020 China set a new record high for filing applications at the EPO with showing a growth of 9.9% compared to 2019, the highest growth rate among the ten leading patent filing countries. Simultaneously an immense growth occurred in Dutch patent applications by Chinese applicants, contributing to over 50% of the total of 816 Dutch applications by non-Dutch applicants. Here are four reasons why you and your client should consider to file a Dutch patent application.

Fast, certain and inexpensive

Whether you file a Dutch patent application as a first filing or as a subsequent application, the procedure is inexpensive and fast. This is due to the Dutch procedure not containing an examination procedure leading to the application to be automatically granted after publication.

Strategic prowess

Obtaining foothold in Europe via intellectual property might be of importance on a strategic level. Filing a Dutch patent application guarantees a granted patent at a low cost which can fulfil multiple needs of your company. It can be for instance used to show international significance, to be used for subsidy purposes or to compete with other Chinese applicants who now more than ever turn to the Netherlands to file a patent application.

Netherlands; the port to Europe

In 2020 the Netherlands was the largest importer from China in the EU, over 25% of the total import, whilst also having the busiest port in Europe, Rotterdam. A branch of the EPO is also situated in The Hague, making it one of the most important hubs in Europe related to intellectual property. Consequently it should be highly considered to file a patent application in the Netherlands in case Europe is targeted for the product.


Our attorneys would be gladly of assistance when the decision has been made to file a Dutch application. With three Chinese speaking attorneys working at NLO in different fields smooth communication is guaranteed should the situation require so. Working with a renowned office like NLO ensures you are being offered with the best service available under the conditions of competitive fees. With our streamlined operations we reduce the required administrative handling and offer you, set under the right conditions, one invoice for the complete procedure. Further assistance can be offered if a Belgium or an European patent application is desired.