Documents needed for filing

  1. One word document with the English text in the order of description, claims and abstract.
  2. One word or pdf document with English drawings.
  3. Send instruction to and cc

Filing information needed (in English)

Applicant and inventor info

  • Applicant name
  • Applicant address
  • Inventor names
  • Address of the each of the inventors (can be the same as the Applicant address if they are employees of the Applicant)
  • Search type: national type or international type

Priority info

  • Priority date
  • Priority document filing number (including country code)
  • Priority filing type: utility model or invention patent
  • DAS code
  • Filing deadline

Instructor info (e.g., info of your patent firm)

  • Instructor company name
  • Instructor company address
  • Contact person name
  • Contacting email
  • Contacting phone number